Men Get Ready To Rock n Roll

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By: Roshni Raj

Weekend is here and there are probably very few souls who can fathom the level of our excitement. With assortment of gigs, bass camps and clubbing scenes we slyly slip into the party mood. For those who are reading this to find hot trends on bling dresses and glitter heaven high heeled shoes, you can probably stop right here and go back to your exciting lives of making coffee for your boss; but for others looking for a change and cannot wait to see what we’ve got in store for you today, please read on.

We are accessorizing the party boys today. Three favourites that are a must have in every party boys closet. Loafers and formal shoes are done to death and we are so board of noticing men wearing the same loafers in different shades; it’s like walking into a shoe shop. Umm no. Let’s get some Mark McNairy into your lives and introduce you to carry that colour with the best attitude. What do you say?

Mark Mcnairy
Mark Mcnairy

Party hats! Surprisingly pleasing and carries the aura of happiness, party hats and men who can dance like a rockstar in them is a complete winner of a sight. Don’t worry boys; those who cannot dance can practice to carry these off in a way that the girls would notice you without those moves too. And you know this is our chance to stand out too!

Party Hats
Party Hats

Waistcoats! We know they work your way through formal functions but we would really love to see something more than plain shirts. Evidently every man burns a hole in his pocket buying a Calvin Klien when his Zara doesn’t seem even mildly different. So why not add that little twist and dawn the trend of a waistcoat.

CK Waist Coat
Calvin Klien Waist Coat

Smart and sexy, the chances of lady luck working your way just got higher. Yay!


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