Men’s watches for different occasions


In our previous story was spoke about 5 types of analog watches for men. Today, let’s dive deep into Men’s watches and how to select the right men’s watches for different occasions with the right attire.

Black Tie: Usually you don’t wear a watch to a black-tie event at all. If you want to wear it, you are not supposed to check it publicly. A simple, classic dress watch with a small embellished face and black leather band is the most appropriate.

Men's watches
Analogue Round Watch

Business Formal: With business formals, you can wear a simple, classic gold watch or silver watch with a thin dial and no complications. Remember when it comes to business formals you can’t afford to go wrong. Hence we suggest you go subtle yet classy.

Business Casual: With button-down shirts, denims and coats and leather shoes, you can wear any kind of watch with business casuals! Business casuals are best complimented by the casual pilot, diver watch.

men's watches for different occasions
Hybrid Smartwatch for Men

Casual wear: The best part of casual wear is that you can wear all type of watches with your casual clothes. Isn’t that awesome? I simply love flaunting my watches when I’m wearing casuals. 😉

Sportswear: You can wear all types of watches with sportswear except dress ones. Because as you know a plain simple looking watch will not do justice to your sporty attire.

Now that you know about how men’s watches for different occasions. You are absolutely ready to rock and roll. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and if you like our work do subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on men’s fashion. See you soon with yet another exciting story from team Fashion Most Wanted. Do follow me on Instagam link mentioned below.

Story by: Netish Sharma

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