Monsoon Sunsets

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When you’re living in the scorching heat of Indian metropolitan cities, it is difficult to disagree with Benjamin Alire Saenz on “The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.” Though the tempest showers bring along sad sweet weathers and many treats, nothing can adulterate the pleasantness more than damp pants and dim colours.

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Inspite of an incredible desire to be a couch potato till September ends, you will have to move that derriere more often than you’d like. Head out, in a pair of neutral blue tailored shorts, reminding you of the aquatic pleasures of life. An orange bandh gala jacket over a white shirt will remind you of beautiful sunsets, equipped to fill you with therapeutic energies. Put on a watch and a pair of wayfarers and head straight to the water-soaked window of your office; let your desk shift from focus revealing an enchanting vista into rejuvenation of all senses as you watch the skies sprinkled with colours owing to a magical monsoon sunset.



Paresh Lamba Signatures eclectic burst of colours form the basis of a refreshing collection that will help you survive the monsoons with style. Here’s hoping to see more rain, no drought, and the season of comfortable fashion!

A FMW Production

Story  by: Akanksha Narang | Model: Jeremy Cabral | Wardrobe Partner: Paresh Lamba Signatures |Watch by: Diesel | Photography by: Prince Chandu and Prachi Chhabria

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