Mumbai Indians score over 15000

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It was a sight to behold as the 30 odd kids took up the field to challenge the mighty Mumbai Indians. However, today was not about the win or loss, nor was it about the usual cricketing stars in Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting or the Slinga Malinga. The day truely belonged to the underprivileged children of Mumbai city.


Sachin Playing with Kids

While the fun filled cricket game organised as part of the Mumbai Indians ‘Education for All’ initiative was a dream come true for the kids, the real aim behind the activity was to inculcate the ‘aspirational’ training among them in dreaming big and having the self-belief in achieving their goal.

Ricky Ponting

Mumbai Indians, who pioneered the concept of ‘Education For All’ program, believes in the cause to uplift a child through equal education opportunities.

Started in 2010 by Mrs. Nita Ambani  — a connoisseur educationist — the Mumbai Indians ‘Education For All’ initiative is a movement to support effortd to provide holistic education to all children. Every member of the Mumbai Indians team is part of the innitiative and has pledged support for it.


Mumbai Indians have drawn up plans to touch upon an additional 15000 children this year itself, who deserve the rightful education. On this special occasion Mrs Neeta Ambani said, ”Last three years have been an eventful journey and I am happy that through our initiatives over 15000 underprivileged kids have been impacted meaningfully. As we enter the fourth year, Mumbai Indians have drawn up plans to touch upon an additional 15000 children this year itself who deserve the rightful education.”

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