My review for the new Toyota Fortuner

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So Toyota hosted this event to demonstrate their brand new SUV called the Toyota Fortuner, and I must admit it is packing a lot of tricks under its sleeve. But I will get to all of them later. First thing I always notice with any car review that I do, is its design. Now normally we associate an SUV with a very bulky and bold appearance, however, the Toyota Fortuner has managed to keep a very sleek Lexus-like design that I really appreciate. To be honest, I rarely go on extreme adventures to fully take advantage of a full size SUV and all of its raw power, but apparently Toyota has a solution to make it a regular everyday drive. Its city-like design and sleek chrome finish is a huge upgrade for an SUV.


The Fortuner was very comfortable, just like most of modern Toyotas out there. Packed with features like press a button to ignite the engine, satellite navigation, LED coordinated LED light, rear parking sensor and much more, the Fortuner makes for a very smooth drive. One thing I love about this car is no matter how bumpy the road is, the SUV makes it feel as if it’s a flat road. The interior is very spacious and the seats could be folded for that extra space we all could use to pack our gear on an adventure. And I have to mention the cooled upper glove box to always have the chilled drink on the go. And the WIL safe front seats make it an overall safer travel.


Now coming to the power of this car, it is everything you expect from an SUV plus more. It has effective weight management system to balance the car even on inclined or largely uneven surfaces. The performance is pretty impressive. Apart from the raw power, there’s also an ECO mode for that everyday drive pushing just enough power for the city roads, which can be a great fuel saver. It comes in several colors each one is more beautiful than the other.


In conclusion, the Toyota Fortuner is made for adventure in mind. No doubt it fills all the dots. Moreover, it also makes for a great drive in the city. Still, if you are not the adventurous type and just want a car for everyday drive to work, the Toyota Fortuner is always a better option.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral

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