No Shave November: The A to Z Guide 2022

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No shave November

In just a few years the No Shave November campaign has grown into a global movement. Millions of people hop on the wagon every year to support a worthy cause. It was started by the Hill family after losing their father to colon cancer in 2007. They started this non-profit organisation to raise awareness for the deadly disease. The idea was to evoke conversations about the struggle of cancer warriors. It’s easy to participate- you just have to stop shaving. Yes! Allow your body hair to grow freely for the entire month of November. Something that many cancer patients miss out on, unwillingly. So grab your chance to let your beard, mustache, and body hair grow wild in style!

Here is everything you need to know about No Shave November.

How to Grow your Hair to Support No Shave November

No Shave November brings us the opportunity to give up shaving for a month. It is the perfect time for men to grow a beard or a mustache. Now, growing a beard is an art. For some men, it is their identity and a way of self-expression. But, growing alone won’t do it. If you wanna do it, do it right!

Invest in quality products, wash your hair every day, and have the patience to maintain your mane. Try to trim your beard and mustache at regular intervals. You can trim even if you’re participating in the campaign. It is important for your beard growth, health, and style as well. 

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Let’s Get Prep for No Shave November

Are you ready to participate in the No Shave November campaign 2022? It’s time to put down your razors and raise cancer awareness. For the entire month of November, put down your razor and donate the monthly expense to the cause. 

If you want to participate, there are things you should keep in mind. To keep your facial hair healthy, it’s important to maintain it properly.

  • Preferably, start the month with a clean-shaven look. It’ll allow faster hair growth and prevent ingrown hairs. 
  • Have your products at your disposal before you start growing. Don’t forget to invest in products that don’t irritate your skin or damage your beard.
  • Keep it clean. Be it a beard or a mustache, if you’re growing facial hair make sure to clean it properly every day.
  • Start using shampoo and conditioner for your beard. The shampoo will get rid of the impurities and the conditioner will help it keep soft.
  • Trim regularly to maintain good beard grooming styles.

Tips to Maintain Hygiene During No shave November

It’s important to maintain proper hygiene if you’re growing body hair. Diet is a key factor when it comes to maintaining beard hygiene. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, and get proper sleep along to keep your mind & body healthy. For your growing hair –  wash regularly, apply moisturizer, trim your beard & mustache, and invest in good quality products. You must remember the cause. No Shave November is just not for social media posts or selfies, the cause is much bigger. Taking care of your body is also a significant part of the campaign. 

So, don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Styling Tips for No Shave November

Be it a beard or a mustache, facial hair surely enhances one’s look and personality. You will have a much easier time controlling your look if you keep your growing hair neat and clean. This is your chance to experiment with your hair. Go for the styles you’ve been fixating upon for a long time. There are endless ways to style your beard and mustache. If you want, keep either one. If your mantra is to go big or go home, grow both your mustache and beard. You can grow a full beard and show off your majestic mane.

Beard fade is one of the most popular and trending styles of the decade. To get the perfect fade, start with a taper fade haircut and slowly blend your beard in it. Last but not the least, there’s always the free beard. Just go wild with your beard and let it grow freely. 

Now, No Shave November is a worldwide campaign that brings people together. In 2021, the campaign raised nearly 1.76 million dollars that were used for research, education, and treatment purposes. The agenda was to ask people to donate the money they save by not shaving. You can start your fundraising page or just donate to the cause and support others. 

Growing a beard can make a lot of difference to people. It often happens that people keep growing their hair even after November ends, just cause they like it. You may end up enjoying the process more than you anticipated. It’s a wonderful feeling to support a worthy cause with such minimal effort. So, let’s put down our razors, have fun, and who knows what awaits us along the way?

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