Paresh Lamba sets menswear trends at Lakme Fashion Week

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Lakmé Fashion Week is not only a platform for budding and talented designers but also a canvas for spotting trends and what the who’s-who of the industry wear. By what’ we mean the trends they follow and the designer labels they choose to attire themselves in. One of such endowed designers is Paresh Lamba. Seventeen years and counting in the fashion industry, the man is a gifted marketer and designer.


Started working voluntarily at the early age of fourteen at his cousin’s shoe boutique in Calcutta. He later started selling clothes in a small area inside the same shoe shop opened in Bangalore. He soon realized footwear is not his forte; clothes are and became inclined towards designing clothes.


Before the 90s there was no concept of designer wear for men, he even faced mockery at the idea of starting a designer men’s label. But the quick learner that he was, with his hard work, experiential knowledge and skills he started his own brand Paresh Lamba signatures in the year 1999. His designs are modern, unique, glamorous and sexy with a dash of quirkiness.

Our wardrobe partner at the Lakmé Fashion Week this season was Paresh Lamba Signature and the looks we created are sure to turn heads.


Taking forward the plaid suits trend, the double-breasted suit in rust is the perfect classic contemporary style; a part of the latest ESCAPE 2017 collection, paired with simple black tee, brown oxfords and a matching watch. The slightly folded sleeves and pants bring a touch of casual making the look even more appealing.


The deep blue jacket is a trendsetter! With flowy lapels and long hemlines, pull on the front-open jacket over matching pants, white tee and sneakers to create a statement. Matching pair of reflectors is an icing!


Those of you seeking an ingenuous bold look, the fitted mustard suit with large buttons is what we would suggest. A printed shirt underneath, tinted shades overhead and you nailed the look!

The newest collection by Paresh Lamba, ESCAPE is exactly what the name says. The unique designs on premium fabrics, are sure to make you stand apart and truly take you into an escape.

A FMW Production

Designs by: Paresh Lamba Signature | Story by: Ashita Bhandari |

Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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