How to be a Rule Breaker?

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Premium lifestyle and gifting brand Shazé recently launched the ‘Rule Breaker’ watch. For men who walk a different path inspire the concept behind this campaign. We admire a person, who breaks away from the clutter to follow his own dreams, as most of us are not sure who made these rules. So we conclude that “Rules” are just guides to the current fashion form and not the holy gospel.

We were told that rules are meant to be followed especially while growing up. Many rules in fashion, I came across initially intimidated me. So I felt like I did not belong in fashion. However, soon as time passed I started being more rational and practical about these rules. I questioned everything and the answers were right in front of me.

Watches for men rule breaker

Fashion trends constantly change and evolve, though there is one thing that remains constant ““ rules are meant to be broken. Trends change but we do not adopt them unless we see trendsetters breaking these norms to make new “rules“.

In contemporary culture, the link between power, social discipline, conformity, and fashion is often so entrenched that existing norms are beyond our taste, causing us to often regulate and control ourselves without any deliberate oppression from others.

Rule breaker by Shaze

Shaze as a brand is dedicated to providing such discerning consumers with the finest pieces of jewellery, perfume, candle, scarves, watches, wristbands, home décor, silverware, leatherware, and religious idols, assuring something for everyone.

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“It’s all about individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels and up-and-coming designers all together” – Alexander McQueen

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Model: Jeremy Cabral | Rule Breaker Watch: Shaze India |

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