Santa’s favourite accessory picks for the man in your life

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Christmas is around the corner and excitement is in the air. However amidst all the cheer comes the stress ““ the stress of dressing, the stress of prepping and more importantly, the stress of gifting. Somehow, picking a gift for a woman seems simpler than picking one for the man in your life.


But, like always, Santa has a solution to the problem at hand. Luckily for Santa. Platinum from Jewelove is his one stop shopping destination. 


Platinum is the flavor of the season and we think it’s time your man just the right accessories to go with his festive look. Here’s what we picked straight out of Santa’s accessory goodie bag:

  • Cuff links: What’s a suit without a statement cuff link? Put those boring ones in a dark corner of your wardrobe and gift your man Jewelove designed Platinum cufflinks. Embellished on hand crafted, these cufflinks are sure to draw attention after every hand shake


  • Rings: It’s ok to be a little selfish, especially when it’s all about having your love on display. Platinum rings make for the perfect gift for the man who is head over heels. Nothing like rekindling that magical love with Platinum.


  • Bracelet and Kada: If he is the ultimate perfectionist, then Jewelove’s exquisite Platinum bracelet is what should make its way to his Christmas stocking. From Kada’s to wrist bands, Jewelove will leave you spoiled for choice


  • Chain: If you’re with a man who has no qualms experimenting, a Platinum chain is the perfect accessory. Especially if, he is looking at ditching the tie and going bold for that big Christmas party!


Go bling with Platinum and bid adios to the traditional Gold. Have your taste; style and charisma rub off on your man, when he flaunts your tasteful Platinum gifts.

Now, are you gonna ask your man to be naughty or nice?

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Story by: Giselle Mendes

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