The 5 Secrets of Menswear Fashion

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral


We have always been perceived to have it easy when it comes to fashion, grooming and styling by the ladies. I strongly feel that the reason to these claims would be because most of us men are unable to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the right outfit to match the right occasion leaving us with no other option but picking the first thing we see in our wardrobe. We know this very well at the back of our heads but we try to put on a brave face and adopt a casual don’t care approach by acting as though we don’t care about fashion and prefer comfort over style.

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Well I must ascertain to you that in today’s modern world men are equally judged for their dressing sense as women. Your attire can make or break your first impression, especially if you are going for you job interview, a sales meeting with a client you can’t afford to lose, or maybe a date with your recent crush which you’ve been looking forward to ever since you’ll exchanged numbers before lockdown.

The growing awareness about men’s fashion and style due to the outburst of social media has made it very important for us men to re-evaluate our passion for dressing-up and take corrective steps by not being left behind it this competitive race.

That’s where Fashion Most Wanted comes to your rescue with this simple and effective men style secrets that will help in drive closer to perfection before you literally drive to work every morning.

Invest in a signature perfume: It is scientifically proven that wearing a specific cologne or fragrance tend to leave a lasting impact around people. It compliments your style and trigger a lot of emotion and memory thus making it your primary weapon in men’s style secret. Many men haven’t adopted the essential purpose and necessity of fragrance in their style to help compliment their looks. Note that cologne doesn’t specifically denote a type of gender as it is merely a type of perfume for anyone. Get the right match with your attire and you’ll be complete, however, get it wrong, and you might end up smelling like the typical lumberjack while in a suit. Sniff around different scents patiently at a fragrance counter until you find the best option for yourself.

Always match your leather: Matching your leather is key to look informed about your fashion sense. Your leather may not necessarily be of the same colour shade. But it’s always important that your leather in the same colour and may vary in colour shades. This rule applies to your shoes, belt and wrist watch.  

Always match your metals: The same rule applies when it comes to metals if you wear a silver/platinum ring, chain, cuff links, tie pin or brooch never mix it with a golden metal wrist watch and visa versa. Remember men’s fashion is all about the subtle details and these are the key factors that separate men from the boys. 

Stick to classics rather than trend

When you are initially building your wardrobe, it is advisable to stick to classics. The best part about classics is that it will always look good and smart. The reason I stress on classics is because when it comes to menswear investing in something that’s a little expensive but high quality will go a long way. The flip-side about following trends is that what may be considered trendy and fashionable today may not be in trend for very long. So you may end up wasting your money on a piece of clothing that will only collect dust in your wardrobe.     

Invest in wardrobe essentials

There are quite a few wardrobe essentials which every man should keep in mind while building his wardrobe. A black suit, a white shirt, a black shirt, blue and black denims, white and black T-shirt, no show socks, a black pair of full length socks, black and brown formal leather belt, black casual belt, leather shoes in brown and black which maybe in Oxford or Chelsea styles, Loafers, tie, bow tie, pocket square, tie pin, cuff-links. The list is extensive, which I shall cover in my next story.

Conclusion: Simplicity is the key to menswear fashion. When you are looking to refine your personality through fashion a timeless look can leave a long-lasting impression.

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