Stepping Away From Our Cubicles and Breathing Into Life!

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When was the last time you laughed so hard you could barely breathe or you couldn’t stop smiling just because something pleased you and left you in a euphoric state of mind? Our souls bear satisfaction in life in carefree moments like these that are simply made out of love. We often get so caught up in making our careers and jobs worthwhile that they refrain to become the centre of attention, taking us away from the moments in life that really count. The list is endless and we should always remember to take a moment or maybe a weekend away to replenish and indulge, in what we call the days of our lives.


Scullers, a nautical inspired clothing brand of smart casuals and work formals has adopted its inception from the unique sport of sculling, a watercraft sport widely popularised due to competitions across the world. As part of their campaign for the festive and holiday moods of November, the brand is ideally giving everyone a chance to post a picture of their favourite leisure activity or moment of happiness, that is outside the work place. Gossiping over glasses of red wine with your girlfriends, a plunging sky diving scenario in Dubai or a quiet date with your favourite novel and a hot cup of chocolate, anything that puts meaning into the word life.
You have two weeks in hand, simply find an ideal photo, and tag #ScullersThisIsLife on Facebook to be a part of the competition. The Scullers ‘This is Life’ Campaign will hand out vouchers to the pictures that gain the most likes and will reward the winner per week with a 1000 INR voucher!
Bear in mind, that the skies unfurl, reminding us that we must always remember to seek adventures that unravel our minds.
By: Fleur De Mello
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