The Corporate Bling

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“A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than the guy in an off the rack” ““ Michael Kors.

You know there’s truth in a statement when the fashion legend quotes. But off late, we at Fashion Most Wanted have realized there’s more to a suit than what meets the eye.


The corporate world is filled with men in suits. And while it could all get a little monotonous, a little bit of bling is sure to help.


It’s difficult to convince a corporate mogul to strut some Platinum, but only Platinum by Jewelove knows how to keep it suave and trendy.

The chain: If you are looking to ditch the bow or your tie to keep those buttons unbuttoned under your suit, then let that peek-a-boo reveal a hint of Platinum. The Platinum chain by Jewelove is fine and adds personality to no matter what your choice of garb. If you think chains are for the women, Jewelove designs will make you think again. From interlocks to broad strips, there’s a platinum chain for everyone


The ring: Gold is passé and Platinum is the new bold thing. The intricate band on your fingers always manage to add character to the attire. Whether you like them plain or embellished, jewelove’s range of rings are just what you need to throw on, especially on the day you intend to close that big deal


The kada: Probably the most traditional indian jewelry piece, the kada is known to be the most widely worn accessory by men. Often strutted by celebrities across page 3, the kada has increasingly become a global fashion trend. It works well with a formal suit or wrolled up sleeve shirt, whatever your style.


What makes these Platinum pieces by Jewelove a must have is its versatility. Whether you opt to wear it to a working day, at that big corporate bash or at the weekend sun downer, these classic pieces are sure to never let you down.

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Story by: Giselle Mendes | Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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