For The Man On a Mission

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Henry Ford once asked “Have you got the wind beneath your wings?” 
To a lot of us caught up in the race to success, what matters is getting ahead of the game. Rarely do we focus on improving our skill set and being the best version of ourselves. Then comes someone with his head on his shoulders, a perfect 10 ““ whether in business or in fashion. He knows what’s trending, he can strike a conversation on the latest political developments and at the same time strut his tech know how. Everyone aspires to be like the man on a mission. 
Titan Edge
Over time, brands have realized the importance of tending to the growing demands of this man. But he doesn’t just settle for any thing regular. Like his craving for bigger and better, he stays loyal to brands that work ahead of their times.
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Titan has been known to have brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market. In its constant endeavour to set new benchmarks of innovation and creativity, Titan launched a series of exclusives, catering to a newer target market with every product. In yet another first of its kind, Titan attempts to cater to the man on a mission, completely redefining the humble watch. This time they’ve made it lighter, slimmer, stronger and more versatile. The world’s slimmest watch made by Titan, Edge, is now available in a new material- Ceramic. It is a feat to achieve the slimness with Ceramic as the material, well known for its strength, hardness, high resistance to wear and tear and its non-magnetic properties.
Titan Edge makes for the perfect accompaniment, no matter what the occasion. 
At a formal meeting, the black dial analog is an addition to a sharp and otherwise dapper choice of apparel. When the man on a mission steps into a room, he means business. One glance at the Titan Edge will resonate the same vibe. The man and the watch are hard to mess with.
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The indices in rose gold and high gloss hands of the same color add the feeling of royalty. At a classy evening affair even when paired with the garb of the Maharajas, while you settle to become the life of the party, the ceramic gleam will ensure all eyes remain glued to you. 
Even for him, a six day work week is a lot of pressure. The weekend is when he catches up with the family, meets with his friends and unwinds over some good food and music. The highly scratch resistant finish of the watch blends in flawlessly with the laid back nature of the day. 
An absolute addition to a watch connoisseurs collection this one is. Ceramic as a material is brittle in nature and therefore must be handled with care, but if you’re among those who treat their watches like their ladies, this little element will not daunt you. 
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Available in black and silver dial, you can learn all about the Titan Edge on
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