Choose the right underwear type for men

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We all have a tendency of overlooking certain parts of our wardrobe, but if you are looking to elevate your fashion game, you should pay attention to innerwear for men. With the volume of clothing, we need to wear, men often neglect underwear, it may be time to rethink your undergarments. It’s time to start paying attention to style, comfort, and design when you choose the right underwear type for men.

the right underwear type for men
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How to choose the right underwear type for men

Hitting the gym: Briefs or boxers

When it comes to hitting the gym. You have to keep two major factors in mind support and sweat control. This will certainly help you in the long run, especially from infections like Jock itch. It is always advisable to carry fresh underwear while going to the gym to put it on after your post-workout shower. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable while doing your lunges, squats, mountain climbing, and deadlifts. Hence make sure the fabric helps in keeping you dry. Also, for support and sweat control you may have to choose briefs with micro modal rayon. Micro modal is a specialized type of modal rayon that is known for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage with an excellent moisture-wicking profile, which makes it a popular choice for underwear and various types of sportswear. You can always check out the latest collection by XYXX. Their innerwear collection for men gets a thumbs up when it comes to style, design, and comfort.

Lounging around: Netflix and Chill

The year 2020 gave us umpteen reasons to lounge around and binge-watch almost all our favorite series on Netflix that we had in our bucket list. I’m the year 2021 is also going to have a fair share of moments where we have nothing to do but just chill. So celebrate these moments with the comfiest pair of innerwear while you wrap your hands around your sweetheart while you sprawl and laze the day away. Here’s where you bring in your most comfy pair of boxers. You can Laze around at home in trendy boxers by XYXX. These men’s boxers give you an itch-free experience even when worn as an undergarment. So do not wait anymore. Order now!

Date night:

Confidence is the key to your dating game. Brace yourself up young lad as Fashion Most Wanted comes to your rescue. Here’s where innerwear for men can actually make it or break it. No matter how savage you choose to project yourself. DO NOT WEAR OLD, TATTERED, AND TORN undies. And if you say you have no intentions to disrobe. Remember you deserve to treat yourself with the best. Because only when you feel great from within you are going to make your date feel great about herself. Now you don’t need to rob a bank, because some birdies from the XYXX team whispered in our ears that they are soon going to release their Valentine’s collection of innerwear for men.


When choosing the right men’s underwear you have to keep a few key things in mind. The fit, the fabric, the comfort, your budget. Remember your inner hygiene is as important as your external appearance. If you don’t feel good inside you are going to project the same externally. So, let’s aim to feel boss-some in our everyday essentials!

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