Trending Hairstyles For Men

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Every woman appreciates a well groomed man, with a mesmerising sense of style. Men on the other hand, sometimes feel overwhelmed with the number of choices available and almost never experiment, atleast almost never successfully. And when it comes to hairstyles, we see our men wearing the same look for ages and if they do manage to change it, it is so whacky we wish we could time travel.

Enough of complains from the Venus species, FMW especially decided to do a research on the hairstyles that are trending right now-for men!

We spoke to celebrity hair expert, Savio Jon Pereira and he enlightened us with immense knowledge.

Savio educates us, “The short sides & back with texture on the top is a classic which has stood the test of time. You can do a lot of variations with it. For instance, we have the slick back, the faux hawk, the messy do and much more. This is one style that can inspire a lot of looks and variations.” With the guidance from the industry guru, FMW began its research:

The Slick Back:

Slick Back - Hair Style
Slick Back – Hair Style

This look makes men look the most elegant, and most sexy. Hair neatly swept backwards, preferably with a slight side parting, gives a look so sleek, it’s nothing less than sophistication. Be it a romantic date, or a formal meeting or an evening of poker with the boys- this look will give you a win-win situation, even if you lose the game of cards!

The Faux Hawk:

Faux Hawk - Hairstyle
Faux Hawk – Hairstyle

What is a faux hawk? It is when you pull all your hair in the middle into spikes creating an impression of a Mohawk. It is also goes well with hair that is wavy and textured. One may also wear the faux hawk look with the sides almost bald, leaving hair scantily. This is a great funky look and can also be sobered down according to one’s preference. Faux Hawk has a lot of scope for flexibility. If eccentric is your style, then you can achieve it by coloring the Mohawk whacky. Lot of options here-go play the hawk!

The Messy-Do:

Messy Do
Messy Do

This one is especially targeted at women. We love this one. We love the just-out-of-bed look- it gives you a rough edge that is difficult to resist. Wear this look with a casual tee and a jacket- and you are good to go. A day out with your mates or a Sunday morning brunch with your girl- this hairstyle is bound to leave an impression.

Women’s choice- Sapna Bhavnani:

Sapna Bhavnani, the celebrated hair and make-up expert tell us that her favourite look is the Mullet style. The mullet is a haircut that is short in the front and sides and longer at the back.

Modern Mullet
Modern Mullet

It can be both funky and stylish, if you are fashionable enough to carry off something like this. If you are more of a rebel, then this one’s for you (It is banned in Iran.) The television series The Mullets and American Mullets, a 2001 film revolves around men who wear mullets. Are you the man unconventional enough that they make a movie about your style? Then this one’s for you!

Do tell us which one of these trending hairstyles work for you. xx

By: Akanksha Narang


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