Trending Winter Hairstyles for Men!

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Clint Fernandes
Clint Fernandes

Gone are the days when short and practical were a man’s idea of style when it came to his hair. Renowned make-up artist and hair expert Clint Fernandes revealed three styles that he felt could make it a hit this season. He mentions, “Super short sides and a long mop of hair on the centre of the crown has multiple styling options that is worthy of chances taken. The 60’s neatly cropped and coiffed hairdo is also a classic winner that can be tweaked to look hep. Spiked hair is still a popular trend with the younger lot and it’s easy to wear with the right amount of styling.”

We have put together some looks that are both chic and stylish.

Blunt Cuts

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High on the crown area creating a solid block effect and leaving the back and sides empty. Perfect for men with thick locks.

Concealed Hairline

The sides recede into the hairline and the crown area takes full attention and is styled according to texture and type of hair.


There is a great demand for these and ideal for men who have great length and are keen on taking time out to style.

The main thing is to find your identity in one of these basic styles and transform it in a way that is appealing and certainly not appalling!

By: Fleur De Mello

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