Trendy Sandals For Men

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Moving aside your usual boring flip flops and gaining more style on your feet in a big way. A fashion facade that was evidently born with the Romans and other notable figures since decades and had been reinvented in ways that we could never imagine.


Women have had their fair bit when it comes to sporting flat sandals. Men on the contrary are still getting used to what it looks like on their feet. Designers have gone all way out to curate the most unabashing statement man sandals. And it comes with no surprise that fashion forwards have accepted them whole heartedly.


While on the day to day basis, men are still finding it hard to find the ideal pair that is more masculine oriented.

Gladiators for Men

It’s just another option to slip into a pair that will leave your feet breathing, perfectly ideal for sweltering summers and barely there winters.

Tan Leather Gladiators

What’s great about them is that not only can you pair it with a short suit but also with a completely causal day or night look. We think every man should add a pair of tan gladiators to his wardrobe, that will create a dashing zeal to his persona.

By: Fleur De Mello
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