Van Heusen Redefines Corporate Work Wear

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By: Team FMW

Van Heusen has launched its new collection of corporate wear called X-Lifestyle. Designed for modern professionals, this fashionable, bold and distinctive collection could revolutionize corporate wear in India.

Top 12 leading models with Show Stopper Rahul Khanna

X-Lifestyle breaks age-old conventions of formal wear being mundane with no scope for experimentation. With bolder checks and stripes, inner detailing patterns and slimmer fits, each clothing in this range will make a stunning statement.

Rahul Khanna

Adam Bedi, Siddharth Kher, Phanindra Sama, CEO Red Bus, Kushal Punjabi and Alex O Neil

Several well-known faces from the social circuit added a touch of glamour to the event. Models like Chetan Hansraj, Adam Bedi, Shawar Ali, Acquin Pais, Alex o Neil, Sunny, Siddharth Kher, Sid Rawal, Kushal Punjabi, Robbie Mairh, Nameet Khanna, Freddy Daruwala and Chetan Hanraj walked the ramp wearing clothes from this dazzling collection. Actor Rahul Khanna made a striking appearance as the show-stopper for the event


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