Vijay Deverakonda wearing chappals is justified

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Vijay Deverakonda wearing chappals is totally justified. He caught a lot of media attention by wearing slippers for the hindi trailer launch of his debut in bollywood with the movie Liger. Let’s dig deeper and find out if there is a fashion perspective towards his choice of footwear.

Vijay Devarakonda Wears Slippers for the promotion of his movie trailer Liger
Vijay Devarakonda wears Slippers for the promotion of his movie trailer Liger

Is wearing slippers for a social event acceptable?

The answer is a big NO. The reason is very simple and clear which many of us fail to understand. Bollywood and fashion are two different industries. The film industry makes money by attracting the masses which eventually converts into box office returns. Whereas, fashion is very dynamic and has multiple niche revenue sources. So, fashion thrives on aspiration.

We have often seen within our social circles our friends and family members purchasing similar designer or branded clothing which an actor has sported in their movie. This most of the times is not the perfect choice for your wardrobe. Since, there are many factors of ones personality that may not match to your favorite bollywood actor.

Thus, it is always advised that you should separate your favourite style icon from your favorite movie actor. If you follow your style icon. You will always be in the right path. Also, select a style icon who is conscious about fashion and at the same time close to your personality and features. Whereas, for movie actors remember that they are actors and not fashion icons.

How is Vijay Deverakonda wearing chappals justified?

Looking at the scenario of actor Vijay Deverakonda wearing chappals for his movie promotion trailer. His appearance in chappals is justified because as per what media reports suggest. Vijay Deverakonda wanted to keep his look closest to the character which is that of an underdog in the movie. Also, if you see his look he has paired it with khaki cargo pants and black tee which emotes a casual and relaxed vibe.

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