Wearing ““ Leather and Pink

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There are two things that men always dread wearing:

  1. Leather
  2. Anything pink

Leather jackets have always been synonymous with macho men and their bikes. Known to be the stereotypical bad boy representation, leather jackets have been notorious for adding the spunk to an otherwise boring look. Pink on the other hand is associated with feminism and most men shy away from donning the color. We took the road less travelled and decided it was time to break the rules and make leather meet pink.


Fashion Most Wanted has always sworn by Indie Culture’s fab leather jacket collection and there’s no one who would possibly be our go-to. When it comes to setting a trend, you have to ensure you always look just right and we trust Indie Culture to never do us wrong.


We stepped out on a coffee date in our sleeveless leather jacket paired with a basic pink t-shirt on denims. The perfect attire to beat the summer heat could also set temperatures soaring when accessorized with the classic fedora and aviators.


But, if you’re looking for something more dapper, there’s nothing like the classic bomber jacket paired with denims and uber cool sneakers. You dare to break free by topping it all with a pink striped tee, enough to get the attention towards you.


No matter what the occasion, a leather jacket assures you of its loyalty, adding it with a dash of pink is not a bad combination after all.

A FMW Production

Story by: Giselle Mendes| Photography by: Sushant Sawant

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