Wearing Your Blazer Right

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Corporate firms and women are similar- we absolutely love a man wearing a blazer with utmost class and style. Men who are aware of this fact can go places; others can read this guide and catch up.

If you are a young guy, starting your journey with blazers, you will blame your inexperience for the immense confusion that builds in you while picking the right blazer for the right occasion. The news is you will still be confused, years later and probably always go with “the safe bet.”  Blazers are sharp, detailed, classy-just how a man should be. So, if you don’t get the technique right, it can make life difficult. So, guys, its time you get paced up and learn from this guide. Ladies, next time you go blazer shopping for your man, he should be thrilled with your choice and knowledge!

If you want to look ultra- stylish:

One Button Blazer

The one-button blazer is the most stylish of all. It is not appropriate for most work places, unless the dress code for your office is casual. It is ideal for a romantic date or a night out.  This blazer looks best in a variety of colors or patterns. You may opt for a turquoise, emerald green, orange or in pastel shades. You may also check out a few patterned blazers in plaids if you think you are fashionable enough to carry those eccentrically well.  Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli had some impeccable colored, printed blazers down the runway. If you get a velvet blazer in black, maroon, navy blue or beige just buy it. No second thoughts!

For the man who works hard, plays harder:


Do you know the specialty of a two-buttoned blazer? You cannot go wrong with this one! It can be worn both in work places as well as for night outs with your mates or beloved. It is similar to the one-button blazer, especially because the rule says you leave the last button of your blazer unbuttoned. Why? It is because King Edward VII said so in the early 1900s. The reason being he was too fat and everybody followed their king. In work places or event, you may opt for classic colours. If you don’t wish to match the blazer color with the pants, you may opt for a grey blazer on black pants; grey or a contrasting shade of blue on blue pants and almost any color blazer on black pants.

If you are in the club of Tall Men’s Association:

Three Button Blazer

If you are way too tall, awkwardly tall in some cases, you may opt for a three-button or four button blazer. However, nobody really wears four-button blazers these days and most of the people who did are probably dead by now. If you are so elongated, above 6 feet probably, it will balance your length.  Again, you always leave the last button open. The first button may or may not be buttoned up. Also, three button blazers are considered very stylish and can be worn to any place and guarantee head-turns and women.

Double breasted


This type of blazer comes under the formal category, but one can sober it down by pairing it with a tee as seen in fashion weeks this season. This season saw double breasted blazers, short in length and boxier in shape. Designers like Ermenegildo Zegna, Michael Kors, Costume National, Emporio Armani exhibited this trend most stylishly. This type of blazer has definitely made a come back- a very stylish one!

Expert Advice:

Sarah Sheikh, Co-Founder of menswear fashion house, SS Homme, gives her valuable inputs on dressing up right in blazers, “For casual wear, the double breasted seersucker blazer is ideal for temperate climates like Mumbai. For semi casual wear, one must opt for a 100% Linen blazer in a weave or print that can easily be dressed up or down as per the occasion. If you need a formal blazer, opt for a dinner jacket with subtle piping detail in black or dark navy to give an evening look without trying too hard.”

“There’s money, and then there’s class. The two are often separated.” ““Kate Jacobs

You can bridge the gap by investing it in blazers!

We hope this guide helps for all the men out there, who wish to look good and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any further queries, feel free to drop in your comments or send us an email!

By: Team FMW

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