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We were the first to inform you about the Superdry pop-up store. Soon after that within a few hours we got an overwhelming response. Many of our followers kept tweeting about how excited they were to see us at the Enchated Valley Carnival. The overwhelming tweets to us resulted in #SuperdryPopUp going trending on Twitter.
Fashion Most Wanted makes Superdry Trend

We decided to create two looks. Keeping into consideration one of the peculiarity of camping at EVC, i.e. the hot and cold weather.

Before sunset the weather is hot, the sun is always shining bright. But having said that, it’s the kind of sunny weather when you would just feel like putting your shades on and lying on the dewy grass, soaking yourself in all the Vitamin D you can.

After sunset, it would be a different story altogether. The nights would get chilly and summer clothes would get replaced by the warmer options. The weather was the best of both worlds-the best kind of hotness, the best kind of cold.

Yesterday we shared with you our day look. Here’s the look we put together for the cold chilly nights.







We thank our followers for the overwhelming support and response on Twitter.

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