Pantone color of the year 2021: Ultimate Gray & Illuminating

For many of us who study and follow fashion trends know that Pantone Color Institute is the global authority on color. Every year the global color authority — which standardizes swatches for the design industry — has this time revealed not one, but two hues for its Pantone color of the year 2021: the neutral…

Athleisure: Decoding the Fashion Term

Athleisure is referred to as the fashion trend that is comfortable (Leisure) and athletic. Athleisure simply means the traditional gym wear or sportswear that is now designed with so much attention to aesthetics that it can be worn even outside the gym. Thus, making a fashion statement where comfort meets style. When did the Athleisure trend…

How loafers for men have evolved in recent times

Men Loafers can suit whatever occasion due to their smart but casual look and feel. Men Loafers have a variety of designs and colours. The designs have a great assortment of loafers that combine comfort and style to bring out an iconic collection of the shoe.

Three Main Styles of Suits for Men

The key to looking great in either single, double breasted suit or a three piece suit is being comfortable and “owning” what you wear. These will surely lead to a full confidence. As soon as you feel good in your suit, every inch of your move will be the testament of confidence, respect and maturity.

Did You Know? High Heels Shoes were first worn by Men

The high heel origin has been traced back to the horse-men of ninth-century Persia whose high stacked heels helped hold their feet in the stirrups. The idea eventually caught on in Europe in boots for men on horses. So, actually men started wearing high heels before women did.

Pink is a colour for Girls? Think Again

Red already had its strong association in war. Therefore the pastel shade of Red, Pink evokes youthfulness and was universally accepted as a masculine colour. Then what attributed to the present-day assumption that pink is a feminine color. Let’s find out.