Inside view at the India Couture Week 2018

Inside view at the India Couture Week 2018 The India Couture Week (ICW) held in New Delhi recently, was hosted by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and portrayed quite chic vetements for the upcoming wedding season. From embroideries to fringes and tassels, each show displayed almost all glamorous components and had a distinct story to tell. Let’s take you through the FMW picks from ICW 2018.

India Bridal Week Day 5

Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week reached the fifth day in its journey as well as the second last. While the city was hustling in its fast pace, the world had come to a stand still for those who witnessed the artistic collections of Preet S Kapoor, Mandira Wirk and JJ Vallaya. Artistic, but unsurprising….

A Star Studded Affair At IIJW

Another Day at the India International Jewellery Week was a star studded affair full of glitter and glam! The day began with Sun Jewels presenting NID. Beautifully crafted pieces had their own unique style. Pallavi Foley in association with Abharan Jewellers showcased their collection in a mix of gold and diamonds. Alia Bhatt walked down the ramp for the…

On The Fashion Track

By: Roshni Raj The universe was set for the richest and the most prestigious sporting event in the country, the Signature Indian Derby 2013. Glamour, shine, money, sport and class showered in plenty. And on the other hand, remarkable and commendable for their rigorous training regime, swimming, sessions on the treadmill and high maintenance unique pieces…