Three Main Styles of Suits for Men

The key to looking great in either single, double breasted suit or a three piece suit is being comfortable and “owning” what you wear. These will surely lead to a full confidence. As soon as you feel good in your suit, every inch of your move will be the testament of confidence, respect and maturity.

Did You Know? High Heels Shoes were first worn by Men

The high heel origin has been traced back to the horse-men of ninth-century Persia whose high stacked heels helped hold their feet in the stirrups. The idea eventually caught on in Europe in boots for men on horses. So, actually men started wearing high heels before women did.

Pink is a colour for Girls? Think Again

Red already had its strong association in war. Therefore the pastel shade of Red, Pink evokes youthfulness and was universally accepted as a masculine colour. Then what attributed to the present-day assumption that pink is a feminine color. Let’s find out.

The 5 Secrets of Menswear Fashion

The growing awareness about men’s fashion and style due to the outburst of social media has made it very important for us men to re-evaluate our passion for dressing-up and take corrective steps by not being left behind it this competitive race. That’s where Fashion Most Wanted comes to your rescue with this simple and effective men style secrets that will help in drive closer to perfection before you literally drive to work every morning.

Covid-19: Funny memes that make us ROFL

While we are all geared in our fight against #Covid19 let’s not forget that laughter is the best medicine and today being #AprilFoolDay we decided to tickle your bone a little.


There is no doubt that you can find color wherever you go. But there are several places that will arguably leave you with unforgettable memories. Are you looking to douse yourself with the vibrancy of the world kaleidoscope? We have compiled the top suggestions for you.

Most Wanted Qualities To Be A Successful Fashion Blogger and Social Media Influencer

A fashion blogger has to be independent and confident, possessing the potential to carry out every task at it’s best. While in the process risk taking is a part of the game. Risk-taking itself plays a very important role in making your reach your ultimate goal. I don’t intend to scare you but over the past twelve years of blogging I have learned one thing, that this career is not meant for the faint-hearted. I have seen people playing it safe and never managing to reach anywhere leaving them disappointed and discouraged. No back-up career option would make you do justice to your craft because having a back-up means you are still within your comfort zone. Once you have ventured to carve your path in the digital world success is your only vision and you need to keep your focus only on this one goal.

Post Holi Cleansing Ritual

In recent times, many of us opt for a color-free Holi or a natural-color-only Holi. However, there is always that one pesky friend who loves using strong colors that are not easy to remove. While we all pay a lot of attention to our face and hair, the hands and feet, that face the brunt of all the chemicals, are often do not get equal attention. Hence we at decided to carefully craft a post holi cleansing ritual for our readers to rid your body, both of harmful toxins and help rejuvenate your skin.

The Genesis of a Bespoke Tuxedo

You can’t just pick a tux off the rack. Tuxedos are meant to be custom made to fit the one wearing it to size. It reflects in many ways the wearers personality and is built to match his demeanor. When it comes to a tux there’s a checklist one must follow in order to have the perfect bespoke tuxedo.

The journey, not the destination matters! Jalesh Cruises

My heart was rolling with a feeling of euphoria the moment I stepped aboard to cruise in India’s premium cruise Karnika by Jalesh Cruises. Karnika embarked on its voyage from Mumbai to Goa and back to Mumbai in just three days and two nights. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city…