Story by: Jeremy Cabral

You can agree with me that indeed life is rarely black and white. Sometimes, it can be a beautiful thing. There is no doubt that you can find color wherever you go. But there are several places that will arguably leave you with unforgettable memories. Are you looking to douse yourself with the vibrancy of the world kaleidoscope? We have compiled the top suggestions for you.  

LAVENDER FIELDS, FRANCE: This is the right time to discover the secrets of the lavender fields. Lavender fields mostly bloom from June to August. There are several lavender fields that will leave you with an ideal experience. You should visit these fields in early summer when the spring poppies have disappeared. Normally, the bright lavender flowers start to transform the beatific landscape into a patchwork of color.

PROCIDA, ITALY: Procida is worth visiting if you are planning a trip to the Bay of Naples. It is an island where you can spend several days exploring it. This town is located 23km from the coast of Naples. What is there to do on this island? You can consider visiting the harbor. From many people attestations, there is no doubt that it is one of the best things to do when you visit this island. In addition, you can eat in a typical hotel as you enjoy the unique atmosphere on this island.

LAKE RETBA, SENEGAL: Over the years, it has emerged as Senegal’s most popular tourist destination. It is good to know that it is the only pink lake in Africa. The beautiful lake that was one time the finishing point of the popular Dakar rally has turned to be a major source of livelihood for people living around the lake. According to the locals, the salt content in this lake can only be compared to that of the Dead sea. It exceeds during the dry season.

KEUKENHOF, HOLAND: There are more than 800 different tulips that bloom in spring. It is a flower park that has 32 hectares pf flowers. You will not only come across surprising inspirational gardens but also unique artworks. The flower park is designed with a specific theme where events and artworks are adjusted accordingly. It has emerged as one of the best places to visit with your kids. Be guaranteed that they will have a blast with the treasure hunt and playground.

CANO CRISTALES RIVER, COLUMBIA: You might be wondering the main reason why this river is colorful. Do you know that the color of the river comes from a water plant? Are you sure that the red plant grows and sticks to the rocks? That’s the main reason why the water has colorful vibrancy. Can you swim in this river?

You can not only swim in the river but also enjoy the amazing colors of the river. How safe is this river? This river can be safe for over a year. All that you need to do is to visit with an authorized guide.      

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