Add A Little Elegance To Your Wardrobe

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By: Roshni Raj

We all love a little more of extravagance in our lives and that’s exactly what’s keeping us on our toes today. Top notch beauties with lustrous styles and spectacular modes showcasing by the array of high and new designers. We found much-loved and desired exquisites that we’d kill for. The sheer transparency of fashion, handwork and radiant minds that bring out such fantastical pieces.

Alexander McQueen’s ravishing splendour in black and bouncy endings is glamorous enough to catch any fashionista’s eye. Encapsulate the vandalised vampire mode in sleek silhouettes that feel right in the dark quarters. Overstretched, unblemished cutouts works its way through the exaggerated endurance in this dress. Totally worth it!

Valentino makes a comeback draping the astound beauty of Hollywood, Emma Watson, in their perpendicular use of pink and white. School modes with stiff collar and distinguished employ of the Cinderella flow around the calves, this magnificent piece has no doubt or criticism. Long translucent sleeves with rigid cuffs spurting their formal styles, there couldn’t have been a more enduring physicality to imagine this dress in.

We have always been suckers for asymmetry and this is another reason to fall deeper into this pit. Flitting splices and tinsel collaging contemporary spins, this meticulously designed piece takes unevenness to a completely new level. Pander to the moods of minimal colour and dark shades with this dress from Thakoon, an impermeable subsidy for the stylish minds. Interspersed caging and checks are neat as a new pin.

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