Athletes Have Marathon For The Rest We Have Nailathon

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Women definitely include nails in their list of vital organs. We feel immense emotional pain when after getting the cutest manicure done one disloyal, disdainful nail decides to chip off. We feel cheated. We color our nails and then we change it with the outfits. We invest in nail extensions, French manicures, paraffin manicures and every possible thing under the sun to make our hands look pretty, dainty and clean.


While athletes have marathon to look forward to, the rest of us have Nailathon! Understanding the importance of well groomed hands, the leading salon & spa journal, Style Speak presents the first professional nail championship wherein nail technicians and artists from all over India will compete for the top spot. Jury members include the award-winning nail artist, Robert Nguyen aka The Kid, OPI, USAJacqueline Yeung, Star Nail International, USA who has been on the other side of the fence too. She has competed and won many nail championships untill they could not take her as a participant and graduated her to be a judge instead.


Partnered by some of the best international brands, it will be an ideal platform for us to get acquainted with them in a much more fun way. Lure, OPI, Jessica cosmetics as well as LTA School of Beauty are all set to make it the best nail day for you! While the participants will be anxious about the 5-rounds competitions, visitors can luxuriously absorb all the beauty around. A day to relax and let your hand do the talking, all for not a single penny!

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Experience the latest nail trends, the new developments in the nail industry and the creativity from all nooks and corners you cannot reach. You never know which nail art might click as a DIY idea!

Ladies, you must never miss an opportunity to beautify yourself-NEVER! Give your adrenaline a break and join FMW for a plush Nailathon instead. xx

When: 8th January, 9am to 6pm

Where: Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai

Entry: Free for visitors

By: Akanksha Narang


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