Awaken the Greek goddess in you!

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Ancient Greek mythology has goddesses associated with specific aspects of life. Love, justice, wisdom, mathematics, strength, art and nature, there is a goddess for all! Have you ever wondered which Greek goddess is within you?

We decided to browse through the Flipkart Fashion Sale and recreate three looks inspired by Greek mythology.


Hera is the queen of all gods. Her thin voice calls out into the misty mess of humanity. Do not let her childish stubbornness fool you: her rage thrives at the center of her existence, more destructive than any weak myths that swirl around the obstinate idea of her. She will do anything ““ and everything ““ to achieve what she desires.





Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty, love and desire in its most noble and pure form. Apart from her natural beauty, she also had a magical girdle that compelled everyone to covet her. She is a beautiful poison. She wears her seductive mask to be the object of one’s desire.





Athena is remembered today for how she fights wars with grace and being a powerful fighter. She clashes for what she believes in and what she thinks is right. She is also remembered for being full of wisdom. Athena uses her hobby of weaving to calm down when she is angry.




Tell us to which Greek goddess you can relate!

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An FMW Production

Concept by: Nazm Saigara | Written by: Jeremy Cabral | Model: Nazm Saigara | Photographer: Mrinmai Parab | Assistant Photographer: Bhavya Poonia | Shoot Manager: Bhavya Kotian | Makeup and Hair: Lakmé Absolute Salon

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 Hera: Sugar Her Women’s Maxi Dress (, Shoes ““ Steve Madden | Aphrodite: Sugar Her Women’s Maxi Dress (, Shoes ““ Steve Madden | Athena: Jaune Women’s Sheath Dress (, Shoes ““ Clarks

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