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By: Team FMW

With the Olympic fever on, it’s probably the best time to don some sporty apparels and accessories. The best part is as sports fashion can go a bit gender neutral and you can choose from a variety of unisex fashionable gears.

Clothes: Jerseys, jackets with hoods, shorts, active wear track pants, sports bustiers, short skirts and tennis dresses are all you should indulge in right now. A lycra one in cotton blended with synthetic in bright neon colours and subtle prints can be a great option. Make sure that you team them up keeping in mind interesting colour coordination to create an impact.

Accessories: A chunky dial sports watch can really look super cool on a broad wrist. If you have a narrow wrist, squarish dial digital watches can create the same sporty effect. Women can also sport ceramic or plastic bangles to look cool. Just one or two thick ones should do the trick. Earrings and neck pieces can look a bit jazzy for a sporty look, so steer clear of them and keep the look casual chic. Caps too can make a smart style statement quite effortlessly.

Bags: Smart backpacks and sling bags always add those boyish/girlish charms. So don them in style. But don’t stuff it with unnecessary things and make it look out of shape. You can pin up badges on them to boost the cool quotient.

Make-up: Less is more’, and if you go by this rule for your make-up, you will never go wrong. So keep it minimalistic with a dash of smudge-proof khol to play up your eyes and a nice fruity gloss on the lips to add to your sensuous appeal. Also, concentrate on your nails and keep applying interesting shades of nail paints for a fun style statement. Men cannot do much apart from going for a clean shaven look.

Footwear: Sneakers can never go out of fashion and teaming them up with colourful ankle length socks can make you look Oh so chic’, instantly. To add a dash of spunk, make sure that your shoe lace matches your outfit. You can also wear canvas shoes for a cool bohemian look with edgy graphic prints. They can pump up the cool quotient of any casual outfit. Go bizarre with colours from hot pinks, neon greens to warm yellows.

Well, these cool and sporty gears should be good enough to qualify for a wardrobe championship. Now all that matters is: Are you game?

Photograph Courtesy: Reebok and Nike

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