Be Fashionably Stressed

16 21

By: Sayanti Banerjee

Though stress is quite a mundane feeling, it seems to be in fashion’ all the time! And those favorite *** starry exclamations that we keep making all day seem to add all the glam quotient! And when it comes to Fashion week stress’, O my God, things can go to a different level altogether! 

It is true but funny that Fashion week stress’ seems to be the fashion fad of sorts, not only in the international fashion space but back home as well. The adrenaline rush just gets speedier, specially with so many fashion weeks happening around the county and so often!

There designers want to showcase their best collection, the models want to strike their oomph pose, make-up artists and hair stylists want to create the new look for the season, show directors want to present a show like never before, the cameramen want to capture the best shots, the reporters want to file the best stories and the organisers want to keep the event rocking in spite of fashionably late’ issues here and there”¦ O My God!!!’ that is some glam stress for sure”¦

Be Fashionably Stressed

But guess what, it is not only back stage’ or the media room’ where all the nerve impulses keep racing, even the audience entering the main show area feel the O my God!!!’- Fashion week stress’ syndrome. This is because the fans of Jimmy James’ can almost hear the voice echoing at the back of their minds ““ “No one ugly allowed!” (I simply love his song and the oodles of attitude in it !!!) But the point is ““ Fashionista, how do you look?’ becomes the oh so important question looming in the air'”¦

Dramatic it is but trust me, there are some people who go shopping for some of those jaw dropping O my God!!!’ brands before the fashion week, some go to the extent of renting (a more fashionable word sourcing’) such clothes, shoes, bags or accessories, a few opt to scan their wardrobe to find the best mix and match and there are those who don’t mind settling for the replicas’ of such super luxury fashion labels. It’s all a part of the excitement. In fact, at times I feel, the necklines and hemlines off the ramp can set more trends than what’s showcased on the ramp. (But let’s not talk about the waistlines as women are very sensitive about it, especially when they compare it to the size zero’ and minus one’ on the ramp!)

Off The Ramp Trends

But what keeps them on a high are the never ending heels (more than the free booze). Whether pumps, peep-toes, gladiators or boots, the stiletto heels or even wedges for that matter, 5 inches is the way to go! And does that hurt to do the running around from show to show all day at the fashion week?  Ouch! Who cares in the name of fashion when it means standing tall amidst the fashionable crowd, even by those wow 5 inches’!

What about bad hair days? No way! What are hats, hair bands, glow horns, flowers, feathers, beads, extensions, bandanas, pink and blue wigs for? Gothic it may sound to some but there are too many people who love to sport such quirky style statements for the fun of it!

And the drama gets even more interesting with the wide variety of eye make-up ““ thick eyeliner, fishtail extensions, loud eye shadows, mascara, extended eyelashes, shimmers, glitters and more that can keep the onlooker’s eyes wide open. The frequent rush to wash rooms in order to fix make-up, is of course budgeted in their busy schedule.

But everything reaches a climax, when the shows are about to begin! Grabbing the best seats become the highest stress factor as the reserved seats are limited in number. And if there are gifts for the privileged’ audience of the first two rows, then the effort to reach out for them is O my God!!!’ – another story altogether!

Well, socializing, attending all the after parties till the wee hours of the night and coming back the next morning looking fashionable as ever, can hardly be a challenge for the fashion lovers, eh? So the fun part is that ““ it is all happy stress at the end of it! Have fun and don’t be fashionably stressed out till it is time for the next fashion week!

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