Crimson Romance

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By Roshni Raj

No matter how many times they deny it, women and jewellery are inseparable. Just like men and sports. There might be a dozen of them in the lockers waiting to be worn, but they will remain salient about them and still go shop a new one for every occasion; and no matter how much the men complain, by the end they do agree there is a charm in all this afterall. Presenting luxury in the materialistic world of beauty, two of the best options to gift HER the worthy set.


Ghanasingh Be True is all set to celebrate the month of love with its exciting and vibrant range of Crimson Romance’ jewellery. This jewelry expresses one’s feeling of passionate and lasting love to a significant other. Offering both elegance and contemporary design, Ghanasingh Be True will surely impress that special person and make this Valentine’s Day one to be remembered


An exciting vivid colour coupled with gorgeous diamonds, plain gold, kundan, rose-cuts, un-cut diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralds combined in the same piece to offer versatility in wear. The collection is modern yet a reviving the beauty of traditional forms of jewellery.


Zoya, exquisite diamond jewellery from the House of Tata, presents a superb selection of pieces handpicked by Zoya’s panel of style consultants from its Espania, Classic, Lace and Banaras collections for those who want to celebrate this month of love in an unforgettable way.

Zoya is a chain of luxury diamond boutiques from the house of Tata. It is both a product and a retail brand and is targeted at the discerning, design seeking woman who is international in her aspiration. The store deals in exquisite styled ranges, primarily in diamonds, apart from the traditional and fusion polki & kundan jewelry besides providing an unmatchable buying experience. The store showcases luxury in its most undiluted form.

Zoya is not merely a jewellery store but a dazzling gallery of fine art, where indulgence comes alive in fine designs of gold, diamonds and precious stones. Creating a new setting, form and design for diamonds, Zoya contemporarizes famed and iconographic design sensibility interpreting it traditionally and fashionably.

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