Fashion Tips For Monsoon Season

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The summer heat has made us perspire to such an extent that we crave for a season that isn’t a favorite to many- The Monsoons!!!

The angst that arrives along with this season can primarily be blamed on the muck n tardiness that tags along with it. Unexpected showers disrupt our plans. But once again, fashion saves the day. The sheer happiness of opening a bright umbrella or slipping into those trendy boots is a silver lining on that big gloomy cloud.

Boots are a must have during monsoons. Especially in a slushy city like Mumbai. Where drainage systems have been abused and ignored for eons now. So, instead of fighting the system, let’s learn how to make the most of our resources. Rubber boots are the best pacifiers for some of us, but since a majority don’t like the feel of rubber stuffing their feet, not many stores stock up on boots besides Tresmode, H2O to name a few. But we advice you to shop online- Macy’s, net-a-porter, shopbop! A bewildering array of choices- whimsical, rough or womanlike.


Umbrellas can be boring and unfashionable. So, let’s make them flirty and fun. Choose a chic and stylish umbrella; add a twist by picking one with a fun handle or a fashionable print. Experiment with shapes and color.


Raincoats are good on both style and utility. Now with its growing trend, they are available in different colors, styles and prints. Our personal favorite is the smoky transparent trench coat – Curvy, stylish and sexy!!!


For all you dog lovers; this is just a pure treat to the eye!

Rain coat for pets

So, let’s complain in style about the Rain! Fight the showers sporting these trends and add a fashionable spring in your step this monsoon.

By: Kavisa Rebello

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