Get Footsie this Winter

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The cold chills are catching up; winter-wear out of closets. December is here and along with it comes the fun and frolic of the upcoming festive season. In all this, our poor feet go through much stress and are often ignored. Here is one therapy to keep your feet happy, while you tug it along.

Sukho Thai
Sukho Thai

After all the running around to the recently-concluded music festivals, we decided to take a round of the famous Sukho Thai spa just around the corner for their winter special therapy. What a weekender it was! The three-day blast ended with sore throats, continuous chimes of soulful music and, alas, agonized feet. Luckily the foot massage at Sukho Thai relieved all the stress. So, I snaked my way through narrow lanes of the Colaba Causeway outlet in Mumbai for their signature foot massage (includes back, shoulder and head).

With the whiff of aroma oils and scented candles, the 60-minute Signature Foot Massage uses hot stones that generate heat in the feet. This increases blood flow, releases muscle tensions and eases fatigue. Reason: The stones are rubbed against pressure points that ease muscle stress and stiffness in the feet. This is followed by a back and shoulder massage that ends with a dry head massage. The latter part of the massage could be a tad stressful; we wish they had a better arrangement. Nevertheless, the after-effects were delightful!

Can’t wait for round two.

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