Girls, Do It Yourself

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By: Roshni Raj

Ending up like a victim of Confessions of a Shopaholic’ is not a very good feeling and we are terrible at throwing away old stuff. So we chose wi-fi to be our best friend for today and brought three of our favourite DIYs that will totally blow your mind away and also save that hole in your pockets. Some goodies, a little effort, spare time and patience; that’s all it asks for and we are absolutely sure that we’d spend all our waking hours to make such fabulous pieces.

DIY! We have two shoe favourites because they were too fabulous to be chosen from. And one collar which gave us amazing ideas to pair with our sweaters.

studded collar

For all the colour burst fashion junkies, this has to be a total eye candy. The ease and fun is driving us completely crazy as we sprint into to the local shoe store to buy our basic pair of canvas shoes. We’d prefer bright neon laces too, just saying.

After running about in shoes and flats, every girl loves glam night. And what better way to jazz it up than wear these. The basic shades of black and white are mind-blowing in the existing print and for a DIY, this is definitely a heartthrob. Who wants to spend less than Rs2,000 on fab shoes for retro nights?

diy shoes

There is a pile of those grunchy sweaters and pullovers that seem so bored to be worn in our desperate winters and the accessories like scarves and knits choking us. Thank god for DIY studded collars, we’re shining in winters with uber chic style. A tied up bun and gorgeous shades are marvellous add-ons and black boots maybe? Winter’s GOT to be our favourite season now!

printed shoes

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