Go Shoppers, Stop for Sale!

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It’s the best time of the year. When we hear Shoppers Stop sale we expect more crowds than the Eden Garden stadium. Why aren’t we surprised? GO! GO ! GO! Fill in your shopping bags. You might want to drop by and pick up the hottest and sexiest lingerie on sale at affordable prices ladies. It’s your one time chance that will not be back for quite some time now. 

We’ve waited and saved for months together for this absolute delight of a time. Here’s all the exciting offers. So, go ahead splurge until you drop while you shop.

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It’s your chance to pick up the quirkiest and out-of-the-crowd accessories ranging from neon colours to hues of bizarre shade blends. We found quite a few interesting pair of fancy and comfortable flip flops that can be worn for a casual day out too! Hurry up before the entire world starts sporting the same. Funky scarves for the Mumbai winters also caught our eye for their texture and prints. Awesome yeah?


Who doesn’t love an elegant timepiece ? This sale is something we were particularly looking forward to. With a versatile collection and a sale at about 50%, this one definitely deserves all the attention.


 We can’t seem to find a more contented retail therapy. Agree?

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By: Jeremy Cabral

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