Jumpsuits Hottest Trend This Summer

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By: Roshni Raj

It is very seldom that we find outfits flattering to the numerous body shapes and needs. Though mystical sources and some of the experts claim that jumpsuits are the least flattering pieces, we beg to differ. Making that daddy long legs seem longer, highlighting the slim waist and the cliché of a V neckline, we are vouching for one of the hottest trends for jumpsuits this season. We’re drifting our way into summer step by step.

Stella Mc Cartney

This Stella Mc Cartney is a favourite! The sheer elegance and smartness taht it screams out is impeccably impressive. The mid waist golden belt that shines for those slender waistline is absolutely gorgeous. Drape this to make your way straight off the runway into the best dressed list 2013!

Shannon O Brein
Shannon O Brein

Shannon O’ Brein shows us how to do it. Pulling off black with a beige intricate needle work on the top and the transparency of the shoulders is what makes this into our top 3 favourites! This one has a slim-trim belt at the waist too and we cannot possibly argue on the extremely flattering silhouette it creates.

Black Mesh
Black Mesh

This one is for the night and no doubts about how worthy and hot it is. The black mesh has always been a favourite and why wouldn’t it? Somehow this works absolutely splendidly to the feeling evoked within of having walked out of a Jennifer Lopez music video, but hey, she is definitely one to look forward to when it comes to curves. Ain’t she?

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