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When it comes to fashion, we like it moving. Although irresistibly chic, sometimes we wish for more than pictures. For, still pictures may speak a hundred words, motion pictures speak a thousand more. Karl Lagerfeld would agree, as his latest fashion film featuring Fendi’s Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection called “INVITO PERICOLOSO” is out now.

Click here to view INVITO PERICOLOSO trailer

Karl Lagerfeld shot this aesthetical visuals in a sprawling villa on the outskirts of Rome during August. The film has a veil of unsettling mystery. It features the Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection of Fendi that is also an enigmatic support to the new ad campaign. Lagerfeld personally picked all the props and furniture that appear on the set, being the detail-oriented perfectionist that he is.

Top models like Saskia De Brauw, Cara Delevingne, alongside Lady Amanda Harlech will be seen in the film wearing Fendi.

Enveloped in the anxiety of the unknown, on a still evening, two elegant young women arrive at a grand, time-peeled mansion to attend a black tie dinner party, invited by a mysterious host. An eerie sensation that’s something’s amiss pervades the girls, as they wait around huddled in their sumptuous fur coats (Has to be, “Fendi”) overflowing suits cases strewn around the stone-flagged rooms. Dinner turns out to be a solitary affair during which they catch a glimpse of their secretive and disquieting host.

As fear turns to panic, an athletic friend comes to their rescue. Fashion. Mystery. Thrill.   Are we gonna miss that? Ofcourse not! It is live now on fendi.com. See it to believe it.

By: Akanksha Narang

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