Kyra: The First Virtual Influencer from India

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As one of the 467 million Indians using social media, Kyra definitely stands out from the crowd. She is India’s first AI-powered cyber influencer. Kyra is a Meta influencer with over 195k followers. Meta influencers are photorealistic cyber influencers with an uncanny resemblance to humans. They only truly exist’ in the Metaverse. She is the brainchild of Himanshu Goel and TopSocial India, a digital marketing agency based in Gurgaon. 

Kyra AI influencer

She is a dream chaser and a traveler – says her Gram. The 21-year-old beautiful model, originally from the Metaverse, is based out of Mumbai. Her aesthetically pleasing feed showcases some iconic Indian places, like the palaces in Jaipur or Mumbai skylines. In the world of social media marketing, virtual influencers like Kyra are the latest and coolest additions. Millions of people browse through Instagram only to engage with its latest wave of online personas: the virtual influencers. 

So, who exactly is a Virtual Influencer, you ask?

 A virtual influencer, at times described as a virtual persona or virtual model, is a computer-generated fictional character that can be used for a variety of marketing-related purposes, but most frequently for social media marketing, in lieu of human “influencers” – defines Wikipedia.

In simpler words, virtual influencers are fictional characters, popularly used for marketing purposes. Using computer graphics and motion capture technology, they are designed to simulate real situations. The creators of the characters grow their profiles on social media. They are responsible for AI influencers’ rising fame on a global scale. The creators designed the entire avatar of the personality. From their physical characteristics, mannerisms, interests, and every other aspect of their “lives“. 

AI Influencer Marketing: How can Brands Leverage it?

Even though they are not real, cyber personalities are capable of building a loyal follower base. Working with virtual influencers could be beneficial for brands in multiple ways.

  • Gen Z people gravitate naturally toward the virtual world. A real-life avatar of Kyra became an instant hit among young people, proving its popularity. 
  • All of their activities are controlled by experts and are limited to cyberspace. Hence, less likely to harm the brand’s goodwill.
  • At Metaverse fashion week, Kyra was joined by some iconic brands like Estee Lauder, D&C, and Tommy Hilfiger. 
  • People are curious about these influencers. Brands could use them to get more exposure to their products or services. 
  • Creators have creative freedom over the narratives of the influencers. They could therefore tailor their content as the partner brands requested.
  • Partnering with CGI influencers showcases the brand’s interest in advanced technology and innovation. 

Few Other Popular Virtual Influencers Around the World

Kyra is the first but not the only AI influencer in India. The makers of Kyra recently introduced her south-Indian friend, Sravya. One of the iconic virtual influencers is Miquela. She partnered with giant brands like Prada and Calvin Klein and also took a significant stand in the Black Lives Matter movement. There is also Knox Frost, the most-followed male Ai influencer on Instagram. 

Just like a human influencer, the virtual ones are perfectly capable of interacting with brands, driving engagement, and strengthening branding. However, they do not interact directly with the audience as of now. But with the advancement in technology, who knows what the future holds? 

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