Me & My Glamorous Bag

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Confident in her magnetic appeal; and comfortable in her own skin she knows her mind and expresses her desires. She is the modern Indian woman. Holii’s latest ad campaign is centered on the theme Me and my glamorous bag’ and showcases the stylish relationship that the urbane woman shares with her hand bags.

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Bags are no longer just an accessory to carry her essentials around, she knows that her handbag articulates her personality. Sensuous gaze, mystifying smile and stunning clothes matched with colourful Holii bags clearly bring out the brand’s idea of glamour and attitude of the Holii woman.

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The campaign is lyrical and edgy in the same breath ““just like our customer! Holii speaks the idiom of the modern Indian woman who is eclectic in her style and likes to mix and match. There is a mysterious aura about her that is as complex as it is endearing. The latest campaign seeks to reach out to her familiarity with Indian culture and the zest for her modern lifestyle; and the way she dons them with passion. After all, isn’t style all about being sexy, spirited and striking?

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