Natural Motifs

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Fashion most wanted presents UDD By Designer Yuti:

UDD is a brand for people passionate about life itself. It’s the love for ART, design, fabric and bold Indianess! UDD is based on the idea that original ART WORKS are created and then converted into happy-prints, which you would want to flaunt! UDD believes in promoting INDIAN FOLK ART as the bigger picture.

UDD denotes FREEDOM! ( the nature, the sky, no boundaries).


Every range has a concept, that is inspired by some aspect of India and then interpreted through INDIAN FOLK ART which is conceptualized and drawn by us. Once the final art works/drawings are ready it is then taken on the computer and worked on. The actual layout of the saree, dupatta etc is then finalized at this stage using the motifs that we have created. Once the designs are ready, we play with different color combinations, textures, kind of fabrics to be used etc. Then it goes in for DIGITAL PRINTING. SO WHILE WE ARE INSPIRED BY OLD ART FORMS AND MOTIFS WE USE A MODERN MEDIUM OF PRINTING TO MAKE THE TEXTILE LOOK INDIAN BUT CONTEMPORARY. Finally after the entire printing process is done it goes in for stitching, attaching beads, etc, and other FINISHING. AT this stage it is translated onto the final garment.

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