Platinum – A Modern Brides Best Friend

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Every Bride wants to celebrate her Wedding Day by looking her best and feeling very special. What better way than with precious and elegant platinum jewellery that is symbolic of eternal love? Wedding Planner and Style Expert Colin Cowie picks his platinum jewellery must ““haves for the bride for the upcoming wedding season.

For the young and modern bride who is always seeking exclusivity to celebrate her wedding, there are designs made available in platinum jewellery, which perfectly complement the various occasions around the wedding day. Today, platinum jewellery has entered a young bride’s trousseau as she sees it as elegant and classy, modern and a reflection of her personal style and it complements both traditional and western attire.

Fashionable ring set in platinum with your birthstone by Omi Prive
Fashionable ring set in platinum with your birthstone by Omi Prive

A bride should wear meaningful pieces of jewellery on her special day ““ jewellery that symbolises love, family, and commitment. Platinum jewellery encompasses all of the above because it will last forever, just like the couple’s enduring love for each other. Plus, the jewellery can become heirloom items to pass down for generations.


Platinum jewellery is the ultimate expression of eternal love and commitment; wedding bands and engagement rings in platinum are preferred because of the emotional values that are associated with it. The wedding jewellery range includes a wide variety of designs and the metal’s natural white lustre highlights the brilliance of the set precious stones, accentuating the seamless fusion of contemporary and traditional designs. Because of its eternal nature and innate strength, precious stones are held firmly and securely in platinum for a lifetime. Moreover, platinum will never fade nor tarnish; it will retain its white colour for a lifetime. The perfect symbol of your everlasting love!

The choice available is endless and comes with assured purity, exclusivity and elegance- synonymous with the eternal love and commitment of this momentous occasion!

By: Colin Cowie

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