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The ubiquitous Oktoberfest has been on our diction radar forever now. What caught our attention this time around was Pinktober. Needless to say it’s an initiative linked with Breast Cancer Awareness. Lately we have had so many people in our close circles fighting the C disease, that it gives us jitters every time we hear someone has been diagnosed.


When invited to a Pinktober event organized by Elle India, we were keen to be there. Held at the iconic Hard Rock Café, a media meet to discuss Breast Cancer with a panel of doctors, it was one of those days we were glad we didn’t miss.

The event started with a short video on insights about breast cancer and testimonies from several breast cancer survivors. We had a long and candid discussion with a panel of doctors on the factors that have contributed to the high risk that we all are prone to. We got to know that Breast Cancer is one of the forms of cancers that claim highest number of lives among Indian women. A shocking statistic claiming by 2020, 1 out of every 25 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, left us all numb. Equally stupefying was the fact that it could affect women as young as those in their late teens. The session was informative and busted many myths that we believe a lot of us are harboring about the disease. For instance, genetic inclination may increase your chance of developing cancer by only 10%. Even if you go for a mastectomy, like Angelina Jolie, there is still a 2% chance that you might contact breast cancer. The huge attendance of media and bloggers at this meet only goes to show how involved are we, in discussions related to Breast Cancer.


We have always been under the impression that ill- fitting bras over a long period, or rather under wired bras can debilitate your breast tissue and enhance your chances of getting cancer. As per the doctors present, there is absolutely no co relation.  As is often said and repeated and trust me we can never overdo the talking here, a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in ensuring that we stay cancer free.

So that one hour morning walks, those every two hour healthy meals and de-stressing yourself time and again are the imperatives you definitely need to imbibe in your routine. In the present day and age it might be difficult, but child bearing before the age of 30 and breast -feeding are also recommended to ward off risk factors for Breast Cancer. It is time to spread the word around and fight Breast Cancer hand in hand. Elle Magazine is very proud to be associated with Ogaan Cancer Foundation which also supports the cause and encourages more people to be aware of the same. They would like to mention your name in their next issue to express their gratitude for showing your support.

Please sign up at and pledge your support.

·         Step 1: Click on the above link to pledge your company’s support

·         Step 2:  Your information pack will be emailed to you

·         Step 3: Photograph yourself wearing pink on 18th October 2013

·         Step 4: Email the photograph(s) to

By: Payal Hindocha

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