Reviving Rajasthan’s Classic Danka Work

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Designer Shruti Bhandari’s latest bridal collection seeks to make the Danka work of Rajasthan commercially viable. Her clothes combine the innate beauty of craft with the practicality of contemporary dressing. She is inclined towards working extensively in creating designs for women by modernization the traditional Indian craftsmanship techniques in western silhouettes.

Model Arlette Grao designer Shruti Bhandari's Green Lehenga
Model Arlette Grao designer Shruti Bhandari’s Green Lehenga

Model Arlette Grao in Designer Shruti Bhandari's Orange Saree
Model Arlette Grao in Designer Shruti Bhandari’s Orange Saree

Her collection ranges from throw away jackets that can be worn with Indian as well as western silhouette, drape sarees with regal chic embroidery matched with traditional totes as accessories. The exquisite technique of Danka work has existed for some 400 years and is almost on its way of fading out due to lack of awareness and appreciation. She was sensitive to the fact that it is going to become a dying art soon, since the younger generations of the artisans are not taking a keen interest in it due to lack of monetary appreciation. With this initiative of projecting the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship  of Danka in her new collection she wishes to create awareness  and recreate and revive its essence in the modern fashion space while keeping the old world charm of its heritage intact.

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