Sheena Chohan Shares Her Fitness Mantra

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By Esther C

Sheena Chohan started her career as a model and has worked with brands like Sony Bravia, Wella, Make-up Art Cosmetics and Videocon. Besides, she is a theatre and performing artist. Her profession demands long hours of work and a fit body. FMW finds out the secret to her hot body!

Fitness Mantra

I follow simple rules to ensure that I stay healthy and fit. They include:

Six small meals a day but at the same time keep a tab on the kind of food you eat

Have your breakfast like a king, and then reduce portions through the day till your last meal which should be like a pauper

Get a minimum eight hours of sleep

Physical activity is a must. Dance, hit the gym or just walk

Lastly, think positive and keep your mind clear. A happy mind leads to a happy and fit body

Fitness Idols

My personal favourites are Bipasha Basu and Hrithik Roshan. While Bipasha follows a healthy diet regime, Hrithik never compromises on his fitness routine. These are the two things I always stand by. Also, Jennifer Lopez has a terrific body.

Your exercise regime

I have a healthy diet plan and workout routine that makes my fitness regime enjoyable yet disciplined. I love working out as it makes me feel fresh and energetic. I do three days of weight training and two days of cardio.

Size0 vs voluptuous figure, your take?

Voluptuous is my take. Natural is always beautiful.

Would you consider going under the knife?

No, I wouldn’t consider it as its au natural for me.

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