Superdry Captures The Pulse Of EDM Fans

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We recently attended the Enchanted Valley Carnival at Aamby Valley. There we bumped into the super colourful and vibrant Superdry pop-up store and we couldn’t leave without picking some awesome pieces to wear for the rest of the days.

Superdry Pop Up Store at EVC.jpg

The Superdry pop-up was in the form of a huge container style store, complete with apparels and accessories from Superdry‘s latest season!

We did a little bit of mix and match to our attire to suit the ambience. We have these alluring options to look your best for the upcoming music festivals in the country.

Here are the looks we created from the Superdry pop-up store.

DSC_0068 copy

Chewed and destroyed by the idea of sarongs completely and we’re moving away from the cliché of beach party wear’. But we are still sticking to the basics and revving our way up.

Ladies, pull out those sexy bum shorts and boys we’ve been craving for a Goa look’ for way too long now.

DSC_0071 copy

DSC_0091 copy.jpg

We really loved the festival style clothing at the Superdry pop-up store. So, to make sure you look your best and be super comfortable, while dancing the days & nights away!

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