These Indian Fashion Industry Facts Will Leave You Amazed

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The infographic is indeed a representation of facts and figures that will blow your mind. Because who knew that our nation holds such a strong foothold in the global fashion market. We have fashion giants that are popular, designers who are known for their amazing work and talent that produces such products that are worth the global fame!

We, at Shoppers Stop, have tried bringing out the facts related to the fashion industry and scenarios are growing. We have tried depicting how the accessory, jewellery, shoes, footwear, textiles etc. are affecting the growth of the industry on their solo grounds. The jewellery market, footwear, textile or the accessory market each one is excelling and making big!

The Indian fashion industry is led by some famous giants like Aditya Birla who owns Pantaloons, the very popular chain of retail outlets. Aditya Birla is followed by Vardhaman, Arvind and Raymond that stand tall and strong in the forefront of the Indian fashion industry. The leading designers are making their name heard at a global scale.

Shoppers Stop proudly brings forward did a visually attractive presentation of Indian fashion industry stats that are sure to bowl you over!


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