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Shoes are love and food is survival; but when the duo meet, it makes for one hell of a pair. Exploring this unusual pairing are brands, who wouldn’t mind putting a foot in the mouth (pun intended).

A recent trend we’ve noticed is that brands are designing products, which define the wearer. After all, wear your mind’ is best personified when you wear what’s literally on you mind.

And we thought of bringing to you a quick guide of where to satiate your hunger, err, shopping pangs.

VANS created footwear that has funky pepperoni pizzas, burgers, tacos, fries and everything unhealthy that you carve for, printed on them. Did I just say Pizza? Oh yes! That’s one constant relationship we just cannot get away with.


On the other hand, ADIDAS has come up with a range of sneakers that traces the most notable food items from the different states of America. It includes the New Jersey pizza shoe, the Georgia peach shoe, the Wisconsin cheese shoe, the Maine lobster shoe, the Tennessee barbecue shoe and, lastly, the South Carolina shrimp and grits shoe. The elements are subtly incorporated on the sneakers, and could be worn almost everywhere!


SHOE BAKERY by Chris Campbell is yet another go-to brand for sassy women’s footwear. He is the head artist and baker who works on each pair, hence redefining the usual pumps and stilettos. He strongly believes in the mantra of having sweet treats for your feet’, and makes your shoes look like an irresistible, sinful and indulgent dessert. They are in colours and textures of creamy melting chocolate fudge, red velvet, vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. Hungry, already?

Shoe Bakery

So, invoke the inner foodie in you (minus the calories), by adorning these fab pairs. Need another advantage? Well, now your fashion posts could also have hashtags such as #pizzaisbae, #burgerholic, #friesbeforeguys!

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Story by: Adelle Rodrigues |Edited by: Esther Cabral |Graphic Design by: Vritti Gala

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