Winter Bottoms

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By: Roshni Raj

It’s the chilly times and we are slowly packing away those micro minis and baby shorts to make space for pants and warmers. But for those chilling in Mumbai, the city can’t seem to make up its mind on the weather and our bodies are terribly confused. So pulled out some fancy pants to sport this month and beat the shivers. Not too thick to leave you in sweats but these pants have got to be in your year round closet.

Colour blocking gibbering in the fashion industry and booming at such a pace, is exactly what we are raving about. The blend of tasteful colours and contrast of shades and hues is a substantial task and careful choices can lead to fantastical pieces. To make this sound a little easier, we thought this might help you!

Printed Pants
Printed Pants

There is something about prints on pants that fire the style quotient and the choice of classic cut attractive ones is always noticed. Bring in the day with these prints that stand out and yet be one with the fashion bees. Accessorize them, tassel the bags, pump up the shoes or brighten the lips, they leave you spell bound either way.

bright pants

We break the custom and shatter the stereotype of boot-legged equaling cowboy with these ultra cool boot-cut pants. The checks are working wonders and we cannot get enough of high waists. The bonus adds up to its unimpeachable effort to flatter any body type.

bootlegged checks

Heavy bottoms are covered in the flair and those long skinny legs are flawlessly appealing in them as well! Agree?

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