Womens Nightout At Poco Loco

‘Quien eres tu? Donde has astado? He removido cielo y tierra y no te encontre.’ Sounds familiar? The lyrics are from the popular tune Senorita of the famed Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. There’s beauty in the Spanish tongue that awakens the Senorita hiding deep within you. The mention of which is enough to take you back the lush of Spain and its delicious palate. The bull fights, the dancing senoritas, la tomatina, a life full of laughter and happy ever after with friends making memories that’ll count. To most of us, that is the life portrayed in Spain, but here I claim, I have found my ladies a place that will let them have a Spanish memory to take back with them, right here in Mumbai!

Poco Loco

Poco Loco

Featuring under my spotlight, while I spy Mumbai, is the hip and happening Spanish cuisine restaurant, Poco Loco situated at Pali Hill, Bandra. Quirks that work for me- For starters, it pretty much manages to bring Spain out on a mini platter for you dishing the very best you could expect to see in the city. The place is done up very homey and makes one want to have candid conversations, make memories and share good times with loved ones. It definitely has a recall value with the extraordinary service and ever smiling faces that you won’t forget. Oh and did I mention the Tapas and Sangrias? Well yes, those for obvious reasons of their Spanish origins, happen to be the best part. I’m betting my money on this one, an unbiased view point, but I’d say hands down, they serve the BEST Sangrias in the whole of Mumbai. I swear. For virgin drinkers, let me impart some alcohol gyaan, Sangrias are a wine punch known to be typical of Spain, Portugal and Argentina. Made originally in red wine, with an added sweetener like honey, sugar, syrup or juice, it also has chopped fruits as a dressing and a dash of brandy for flavoring. The glass is usually a colorful mix with fruits like grapes, kiwi, mangoes, oranges, lime, pears, peach, melons and various berries. It definitely is the perfect drink for a lady all with the mixed flavors that add up to give it the beautiful texture and taste. Although men aren’t restricted to have it, it is usually more popular among the ladies.

sangrias at poco

Interestingly, I happen to have chanced upon gold somehow. Celebrating the Sangria like personality of women, with a perfect blend of flavors, Poco Loco opens its gates to women this Wednesday night with lip-smacking Sangrias served on the house between 7:30-9:30pm, talk of wishes coming true! Did you pay attention Ladies? FREE ALCOHOL! Its girls’ night out! Clear you schedules, pick an outfit, look your best, drink it up! Take my word for it. Oh and dress up, I heard a little birdie tell me it’s a click me as I pose night. If you’re up to giving me company, you need to RSVP.

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By: Khushboo Khanna

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